Great First Week of Classes!

We hope everyone enjoyed their first dance class – we know we sure enjoyed working with all our dancers!

A few small requests as we get into the swing of things!

Please be considerate of volume levels in the lobby area.  We love that we have space for everyone, but sometimes noises in the lobby CAN be disruptive to classes.  By all means, we appreciate you like to visit with other parents. Please just be mindful that classes are indeed going on.  For those that were slightly overwhelmed this past week, the lobby does calm down as the semester continues:)

Siblings are welcome, BUT please keep your children with you at all times.  We are also going to need to request NO balls, or cars, or toys that leave children’s hands.  Sometimes our lobby is nice and quiet, and other times it is crazy as classes switch out.  Therefore, as a general rule we are going to ask if you can’t hold the toy in your hand (such as a book or doll, etc) then please keep it at home or in the car:)  While we would like to ask no skateboarding in the parking lot, parents are welcome to use grassy areas/sidewalks to play with siblings if they need a place to play.  (Please just make sure your children are supervised:)

Parents, many of you have asked if you are required to stay during class times.  While everyone is welcome to hang in the lobby, you are MORE than welcome to run errands or grab a quiet cup of coffee during your child’s dance class from time to time:)  If you don’t know where the closest Starbucks is, just ask the front desk.  Sally Reyes knows every Starbucks within a ten mile radius!:)

Most importantly, THANK YOU for giving us the opportunity to work with your children.  If you EVER have questions, concerns, suggestions, anything – you are always welcome to leave a note at the front desk or email Sally Reyes (the director) directly at

See everyone in class again this week!