Greater Austin Dance Academy announces the theme of the 2015 spring recital… INSPIRE!


BUT we need your help!
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We want to know what music inspires you to dance?  We challenge you each to think of a song that inspires you to move.  Maybe you tap your toes when you hear it, maybe you sing the song endlessly in the shower, maybe you imagine yourself flying with wings when you hear it.  Whatever it is, PLEASE SHARE!
One of the best parts of being a dance teacher is being inspired EVERY DAY by your students.  Year after year, I am still amazed how much they teach me, as much as I teach them.  So this year, we want to acknowledge our amazing dancers and the inspirations they give us every day.  So we are taking the inspiration one step further…
This year we are asking our dancers and parents to INSPIRE us!  Tell us what inspires you to dance and help inspire our spring recital.  By sharing your inspirations, you are indeed helping inspire our show.  Moms and dads, dancers of all ages, brothers, sisters, grandmas, everyone is welcome to share their inspiration!
Fill out an inspire form and turn into the Inspire buckets you’ll now find in each studio and in the lobby!  We will use your inspirations to then select show music and costumes – so don’t be shy!  Share your inspiration!  We can’t wait to see what amazing things happen this year!
Music will be collected through October 31st!  Submit your ideas today!