It’s Recital Week!!!

We are so excited to jump into recital week with everyone! A few quick reminders for the week!

  • NO CLASSES THIS WEEK AT GADA! -Due to stage rehearsals, no classes meet this week. Dancers just attend their scheduled stage rehearsal for the week in lieu of regular class.
  • STAGE REHEARSALS are MANDATORY! – if you cannot attend a stage rehearsal you MUST ask permission in advance to be excused. Otherwise, dancers not in attendance for rehearsal will NOT be able to perform on Saturday!
  • STAGE REHEARSAL TIMES are NOT your scheduled class time. If you have not yet seen your rehearsal time, please check the recital page on rehearsal schedule tab for a detailed list!
  • ALL STAGE REHEARSALS take place at the Hendrickson High School PAC!
  • STAGE REHEARSALS are NOT dress rehearsals. Please DO NOT wear costumes to rehearsals. Save them for the show on Saturday!
  • DO bring dance shoes/dance bags.
  • WED, THURS, and FRI are last days to purchase TICKETS, TIGHTS, TSHIRTS! These will be on sale at Hendrickson High School Wed-Fri 4-8pm. DVDs will be sold all next week, at the show, as well as one week afterwards!
  • FOR RECITAL DAY – Label everything that goes back stage. There will be lots and lots of little pink and black shoes!
  • Hendrickson High School Performing Arts Center is located at Hendrickson facing 130 and closest to Kelly Lane. If your kids have ever attended Camp Double Creek, their pickup/drop off point is right in front of the PAC entrance. See map below.

If anyone has any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! It will be easiest to email this week to Otherwise, we will also have office staff at all stage rehearsals to help with last minute ticket sales, tights, tshirts, etc!

Be on time!

Please make every effort to be on time for rehearsals this week. We CANNOT wait for latecomers.  Please make sure to allow enough time for traffic, parking, etc!