Meet GADA's Musical Storytellers!

Audition Info for 2023-24 Musical Storytellers

Musical Storyteller AUDITIONS 

2023-24 Season Performers


Saturday, May 6th 10am-1pm


Greater Austin Dance Academy

2641 Forest Creek Dr - Round Rock, TX 78665

WHO can audition: 

Any performers who HAVE musical theater experience and are looking for challenging ensemble work.  (Please note, this is NOT for beginners.  If your child does NOT have performance or musical theater training, we STRONGLY suggest they get involved with one of our summer productions or take musical theater classes for at least a year before auditioning.). We do NOT take everyone who auditions.  Therefore, please know the audition can be a great learning experience, BUT if your child will be heartbroken if not cast, this is not the right opportunity for them.

WHAT are storytellers:

The musical storyteller company is designed for performers ages 6th-9th grades who WANT to rehearse outside of class, have incredible work ethics, and are ready to devote most Saturdays to company rehearsals.  That is not to say kids cannot be younger or older, but these are the ages we design the program towards.  We expect incredible ownership and responsibility on the performer’s end (not the parents:).  We expect incredible ensemble work and team player attitudes both IN and OUT of rehearsals. We expect A LOT, we don’t subscribe to everyone gets equal lines because stories are told through all different characters with all different amounts of lines and stage time.  We don’t believe in telling kids great job just because.  We DO believe in teaching kids how to creatively tell stories, work hard, and EARN a feeling of pride in their work and in treating one another as kind, respected human beings who deserve to take up space and be seen in this crazy world:).  If that’s you, AND you have a story to tell, well then these may be your people.


For the 2023-24 season Musical Storytellers will be:

Direction and Choreography by: Sally Reyes

Musical Direction by: Shelby Schisler


For the 2023-24 season, storytellers will get to:

Perform at least 1, if not 2, full productions (TBD after auditions).

Take part in master classes with artists visiting GADA from broadway touring shows in Austin

Perform and participate in the Junior Theatre Festival WEST 

(Feb 9-11, 2024 @ Sacramento, CA)

Possible other performance opportunities TBD


$105 monthly company fee (August 2023 through May 2024 billed on the 2nd of each month

Storytellers MUST be enrolled in a musical theater class at GADA for the 2023-24 season

STRONGLY encouraged to participate in summer advanced production at GADA

Costs of JTF festival = $310 per person attending (student or chaperone)

Plus hotel costs and airfare to Sacramento

What do I need to prepare for auditions:


One paragraph MEMORIZED monologue from any musical or Disney movie 

(please select a character you would cast yourself as)

please come prepared to learn choreography and MOVE:). Jazz shoes or heels are required for auditions.

Please sing 32 bars of a song from a musical. If you are unfamiliar with choosing audition cuts or what "32 bars" means, see this document on Choosing An Audition Song.

*Your piece should be sung with an accompaniment track which has no vocals. You can find an accompaniment track for almost any song on Youtube. If you search "[SONG NAME] accompaniment" or "[SONG NAME] Karaoke," you will likely find a track to sing with. Please email us the track you will be using by Friday, 5/5 so that we can play it for you. Also, include the timestamp where you would like your music to start.

PLEASE EMAIL to sign-up for the audition. 

PLEASE DSEND accompaniment track to:


We look forward to seeing anyone interested on Saturday, May 6th!

Musical Storytellers (Advanced Productions)

What are advanced teaching productions?

Musical Storytellers, Gada’s musical theater company, was created for those who are ready for more advanced material and longer productions.  These kids enjoy rehearsing A LOT at home and having a lot asked of them during rehearsals.  They already have a STRONG base in vocals, acting and dance.  Most have several years of production experience.  For those that have a serious passion for musical theater, the GADA musical storytellers season gives you the experience, guidance, and understanding you’ll need to pursue a career in the performing arts, or just be a better person.


How does it work?

The Musical Storytellers have auditions each season.  Students must audition and be invited to be part of this advanced performing opportunity. 


Please know going into the process that we believe in the philosophy of “there are no small parts, only small actors.”  We believe an ensemble role is just as important as a leading role.  Casting is not up for discussion, nor should this change a performer’s mind if they wish to participate:). Being selected as a musical storyteller does not guarantee any specific parts, just the option to perform in the productions and to be part of the musical storyteller family.

We do NOT accept all performers that audition. 



There’s a million things I haven't done, but just you wait.

The Musical Storytellers is a musical theater company that exists to provide gifted artists (ages 10-18) the ability to push their singing, acting & dancing abilities. Through mini-revues, productions, additional materials, and performances, students can grow their potential as performers and more importantly, deepen their respect and understanding for the art of musical theater. If your son or daughter is passionate about musical theater, they may make the perfect addition to the talented GADA's Musical Storyteller Company Auditions take place each May.


  • You breaking out into song is ac common occurance
  • You love improv and being dramatic
  • You're eager to collaborate with like-minded goofballs and work as a team
  • You're in musical theater class now and you want MORE!!!
  • You're willing to show up consistently and work harder than you ever have
  • You're looking for a group that shares your love of musical theater