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Storytellers Theater Company

GADA Musical Theater students are heading to JTF TEXAS!


GADA is THRILLED to announce that the JTF production will be...

Fiddler in the Roof, Jr!

Auditions for the 2021 JTF Production will take place on Saturday, April 10th from 12-2pm!

Please email to sign up for an audition slot and receive audition materials!

A serious commitment to the Storyteller's group is required to be a part of the musical theater company.

This production will rehearse on Saturdays throughout April and mid-May, then weeknights in late May-June.

All performers MUST be planning to attend JTF Texas!
(Taking place in Sugarland, TX JUNE 25-27th, 2021!)
Cost is $240 per attendee plus costs of hotel.

Production is scheduled to be performed at GADA JULY 1st and/or 2nd!

A few other details:

*Decisions will be made by Monday, April 12th

**This opportunity is available to our trained MT 2, 3 and 4 kids (or any performers for that matter). However, consider that this is an advanced opportunity requiring dancers to be ready for high expectations when it comes to rehearsals. I am not afraid to push kids, and I love them, and eventually they know that 0 but I do require WORK:).

***NOT everyone who auditions will be cast. If your performer will be absolutely crushed if they aren't used in the cast, then this is NOT a great opportunity for them:)

****Cast will confirm their participation and have JTF forms turned in by Tuesday, April 13th (with required reg fee of $240 for anyone attending - parents included)

Saturday rehearsals will begin Saturday, April 17th  (expected rehearsal times will be between 12 and 3pm).  A detailed schedule will be developed as casting is finalized.

If you have any further questions about the next season’s company please email Sally Reyes directly.


GADA’s Musical Storyteller's Company was created for those who want MORE than what their weekly musical theater class can provide! More performances, more singing, more choreography, more acting, more responsibility, more dedication and more art! For those that have a serious passion for musical theater, the GADA Musical Company gives you the experience, guidance and understanding you’ll need to pursue a career in the performing arts, or just be a better person.

We have the utmost respect for competitive companies, however, we do not compete at GADA. Rather, we believe the most important element of dance and theater is the art itself. It is our belief that a great performance is not one that wins an award, but rather, one that succeeded in its desired message and was performed with the heart.

2019-20 opportunities include:


  • SATURDAY REHEARSALS - classes/ rehearsals will begin late august
  • MASTER CLASSES - Summer/Fall/Spring master class with touring casts and companies TBD.


There’s a million things I haven't done, but just you wait.

The Musical Storytellers is a musical theater company that exists to provide gifted artists (ages 10-18) the ability to push their singing, acting & dancing abilities. Through mini-revues, productions, additional materials, and performances, students can grow their potential as performers and more importantly, deepen their respect and understanding for the art of musical theater. If your son or daughter is passionate about musical theater, they may make the perfect addition to the talented GADA's Musical Storyteller Company Auditions take place each May.


  • You breaking out into song is ac common occurance
  • You love improv and being dramatic
  • You're eager to collaborate with like-minded goofballs and work as a team
  • You're in musical theater class now and you want MORE!!!
  • You're willing to show up consistently and work harder than you ever have
  • You're looking for a group that shares your love of musical theater



Members are expected to attend all scheduled rehearsals. IF you must miss a rehearsal, dancers must notify sally ASAP in writing (paper or email is fine) and MORE than a week’s notice. MISSING MORE THAN 2 SATURDAYS each semester (sept-dec and Jan-April) is not allowed and will result in being taken out of some, if not all, scenes/numbers.

Dress rehearsals are mandatory (missed DRESS rehearsal which is the rehearsal before a performance = missed performance, no exceptions)

Students are expected to practice at home between rehearsals. Choreography should not have to be re-taught.   If a student misses a rehearsal, it is their responsibility to get caught up with a fellow dancer BEFORE the next rehearsal takes place. We try to post youtube practice videos for the dancers to use to practice with.


For the company, expenses are rolled into one lump sum and then divide it into equal payments made September 2020-May 2021. It is estimated to cost $50 per month IN ADDITION to monthly tuition (all company members must take musical theater classes each week).

  • Saturday rehearsals
  • Costume rental fee
  • Production
  • Cabaret
  • Master Classes as scheduled


Due to COVID - there are no plans for travel in the 2020-21 season.

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