Take part in one of GADA's teaching musical productions!

Spring 2023 Musical Theater at GADA

Musical Theater this spring at GADA!

We are so excited to announce the musical theater options at gada this spring! Come take part in our Broadway Disney Revues! Learn music, dances, and scene work from 4 different Disney Broadway shows! Then, put them together for a thrilling performance for family and friends this spring!

OPTION 1 = Wednesdays 3:45-4:45pm (with Ms Jonesy)

OPTION 2 = Wednesdays 4:45-5:45pm (with Ms Jonesy)


Classes take place Feb 1, 8, 15, 22, March 1, 8, 22, 29, April 5, 12. REQUIRED rehearsal @ GADA on Friday, April 14th (same time as class). Performance takes place Saturday, April 15th at Round Rock's centennial plaza at 1pm. (Free Performance for friends and family!)

Performers will receive a Disney Revue T-shirt they will wear to perform (performers provide black leggings and sneakers or jazz shoes to wear for class and performance.)

Cost is split between three monthly payments of $105 each. (Billed Jan 15th, Feb 15th and Mar 15th, 2023)

Sign-up TODAY through your online portal at GADA!

Please note, there will be a range of ages in every class. That’s a great thing!  It allows the director to assign parts and challenge students based on their current skill level.  Productions are open to performers ages 8+.  (If you have a younger child interested in musical theater we are sadly not offering a junior class for the 2022-23 season.  Tell them to hang in there!  Eight is kind of a magic age where reading skills are advanced enough and maturity can keep up with older kids.  Musical Rehearsals can be a lot between acting, singing AND dancing.  We ask a lot of our musical theater performers.  Please make sure your child is really excited to work hard and be part of this process before signing them up:)



Musical Storytellers (Advanced Productions)

What are advanced teaching productions?

Musical Storytellers, Gada’s musical theater company, was created for those who are ready for more advanced material and longer productions.  These kids enjoy rehearsing A LOT at home and having a lot asked of them during rehearsals.  They already have a STRONG base in vocals, acting and dance.  Most have several years of production experience.  For those that have a serious passion for musical theater, the GADA musical storytellers season gives you the experience, guidance, and understanding you’ll need to pursue a career in the performing arts, or just be a better person.


How does it work?

The Musical Storytellers have auditions each season.  Students must audition and be invited to be part of this advanced performing opportunity.  This year students will submit a video audition by May 25th,2022 to  The audition video needs to include:

*slate stating their name, age, and dance experience as the intro to their video

*TWO contrasting songs (just the chorus is fine) performed either acapella or with a karaoke (instrumental) track.  

*a short, one-paragraph performed monologue 

Please know going into the process that we believe in the philosophy of “there are no small parts, only small actors.”  We believe an ensemble role is just as important as a leading role.  Casting is not up for discussion, nor should this change a performer’s mind if they wish to participate:). Being selected as a musical storyteller does not guarantee any specific parts, just the option to perform in the fall and/or spring production and to be part of the musical storyteller family.

We do NOT accept all performers that audition.  Performers wanting to take part in storytellers (but not sure if they will be selected) are welcome to sign up for a regular production.  We can always transfer them over if they are asked to be part of the Musical Storytellers.


How much does Musical Storytellers cost?

Storytellers will pay the same production costs as other productions.  However, they will have optional travel that will be added on top of production costs.  

Costs run differently than gada tuition, because there are different moving parts with a production. 

A $25 registration fee is charged upon enrollment to a production.  

There are then THREE monthly payments of $195 auto drafted on sept 15th, oct 15th and nov 15th.  (Spring storyteller payments will run Jan 15, Feb 15, and Mar 15th.)  These fees cover the cost of rehearsals, scripts, royalties, rehearsal music, costumes, show shirt, performance costs.   It will NOT cover tickets to performances which will run $10 per ticket.


What am I committing to?

Storytellers will be able to opt into FALL performance, SPRING performance or BOTH.


FALL Musical Storytellers present…

Elf Jr!


Weekly rehearsals will take place on Tuesdays from 5-6:30pm starting Sept 20th.

Additional Saturdays will be added as needed (and once I get conflict schedules from cast members)

Performances will take place Dec 3rd at Cedar Ridge Black Box Theater


SPRING Musical Storytellers present…

Broadway REVUE  and DISNEY workshop trip!

We’re going to Disney!


Not only is Disneyworld an incredible place, but it also employs many performers in each of their parks.  Musical Storytellers will travel and spend 3 nights at a disney resort.  They will (fingers crossed) get to perform at the park, as well as take a musical theater workshop from working disney performers. Then, of course, they will also have time to explore and watch all the Disney entertainment within the park!


TUES Jan 24th 5-6:30pm (Get all show music!)

TUES Jan 31st 5-6:30pm 


TUES Feb 7th 5-6:30pm


TUES Feb 14th 5-6:30pm


TUES Feb 21st 5-6:30pm


TUES Feb 28th 5-6:30pm

TUES Mar 7th 5-6:30pm

Mar 14th - NO CLASS (spring break)

TUES Mar 21st 5-6:30pm


TUES Mar 28th 5-6:30pm


TUES Apr 4th 5-6:30pm

TUES Apr 11th 5-6:30pm


(1pm is JUST Disney show performance with younger MT kids - 4pm FULL CABARET performance! @
Round Rock's centennial plaza stage)

DISNEY APRIL 20-23, 2023!

Musical Storytellers are going to DISNEY WORLD!


Disney is one of the biggest casting companies for performers in the industry.  They are known for providing career growth opportunities, health insurance, and also providing GREAT entertainment in their parks.  For kids that are considering a career in the arts, it’s great exposure to this industry.  For kids that just love performing, there are LOTS of opportunities to not only see great park entertainment, but to also take part in great workshops put on by disney cast members!  It’s a win-win:)  Travel and learn something at the same time!




There’s a million things I haven't done, but just you wait.

The Musical Storytellers is a musical theater company that exists to provide gifted artists (ages 10-18) the ability to push their singing, acting & dancing abilities. Through mini-revues, productions, additional materials, and performances, students can grow their potential as performers and more importantly, deepen their respect and understanding for the art of musical theater. If your son or daughter is passionate about musical theater, they may make the perfect addition to the talented GADA's Musical Storyteller Company Auditions take place each May.


  • You breaking out into song is ac common occurance
  • You love improv and being dramatic
  • You're eager to collaborate with like-minded goofballs and work as a team
  • You're in musical theater class now and you want MORE!!!
  • You're willing to show up consistently and work harder than you ever have
  • You're looking for a group that shares your love of musical theater