What Our Clients Say

GADA is the best! My two daughters who have danced with GADA for over 5 years have thrived under the guidance of the owner and her instructors. The studio is state of the art. Policies are well stated. Discussion is always encouraged with all. The studio is very involved with the local community. The number of girls in attendance at GADA, show and prove that they are a top notch facility. The girls who dance there, mine included, are provided a nurturing and respectful environment. They not only learn dance technique, but they also learn about many of life little lessons like nutrition, fitness, how to handle yourself, how to revolve issues with respect and dignity and so much more. My girls love the place and would go nowhere else.

Annette B

My daughters have danced with GADA since the summer it opened. They have grown in both their dancing and the maturity under the direction of Ms Sally. She ALWAYS has the dancer’s best interest at heart. She does a fabulous job teaching the girls and has handpicked a wonderful staff. We had danced at 4 other studios before landing at GADA. My youngest has 2-1/2 more years before graduation. We will be at GADA until she is too old.

Charlotta V

My daughter has been dancing at GADA for several years both in a class setting as well as a member of the Great Austin Dance Academy Team. Every year she begs to add more classes because she absolutely loves being at the studio and enjoys the variety of classes and instructors.

I am so grateful for finding GADA and being able to have my daughter dance in an environment that teaches her responsibility, respect and a true love for the ART of dance. My daughter has blossomed at this studio and on the dance team. Ms. Sally does so much for her students and always has their best interest in mind. She encourages the kids to be respectful not only to each other and their dance teachers but also reminds them the importance of being respectful to their siblings and parents. She regularly reminds them about making “healthy” choices in life. This weekend she arranged for the team to perform out in the community at a children’s home and at a retirement center teaching them the importance of giving back through the art of dance.

We have danced at other studios in the past and I cannot express what a unique place GADA is. I highly recommend this studio for anyone wanting to get their child started in dance, or for anyone with a more experienced dancer that is losing their love of dance because of competitive pressure.

There are a lot of studios that can teach your child to dance. The icing on the cake for me is that GADA also teaches my child life skills that boost her self esteem and make her a better person.

Lisa R

My daughters attend GADA. In fact, my oldest has been at the studio since the summer it opened. After 7 years, we feel so lucky to have been a part of such a wonderful studio, with an owner and instructors who are dedicated to teaching our girls not only about dance, but lead by example with regards to having class, strength of character and taking the high road. We could not find a more creative, loving, learning environment for them to learn and appreciate the art of dance.

Monica U

My daughter has been dancing at GADA for 5 years. For the past 3 years she has been a member of the Greater Austin Dance Theater. Sally and the teachers do a wonderful job creating a positive environment for all the kids and teaching them not only how to dance but be leaders in their community. My daughter has performed for several children’s homes and nursing homes….sharing joy with people through the art of dance. My daughter has had every single teacher at GADA, and has found encouragement from each one.

Kelly S

My daughter has been dancing at GADA for 7 years and is also a member of Greater Austin Dance Theater. Our experience has always been great, Ms. Sally and the staff know each and every student by name. My daughter LOVES her instructors which have been there since the studio first opened. Very dedicated staff. We appreciate our daughter being taught the importance of RESPECT and the love of dance as an art and not about competing and tricks. Greater Austin Dance Theatre has dedicated many performances to the local community as well as most recently dedicated a dance performance to the tragedy at Sandy Hook. My daughter has learned the importance of friendship, family and integrity. The new building is fantastic and the number of students is growing due to all the great recommendations!. I always recommend GADA to other parents who are looking for a caring and fun place to learn the art of dance. Great job Sally and GADA staff!

Jenny G

My daughter is 8 yrs old and has been taking ballet, tap and jazz classes for almost 2 years. I take her to GADA 3 times a week but she wishes I would take her 5 times a week! She really loves to dance at GADA!! Her teachers and Ms.Sally are always very nice, friendly, respectful and professional. We are very happy to be part of the GADA family!

Jose A