Tuition Schedule & Studio Policies

What you need to know

Tuition Schedule

GADA school-year tuition is averaged into 9 monthly payments. These payments are based on the following:

  • 32 weeks of class instruction
  • a week of stage rehearsals
  • a weekend of recital performances
  • costumes for performances

The hourly pricing is based on the amount of time that a student is dancing per week, not the number of classes they are attending. Sibling hours are combined. For instance, if a student is taking 1 one hour ballet class, and 1 one and a half hour jazz class, that student would be dancing 2.5 hours per week, at a monthly cost of $159.00. When multiple family members are taking classes, the hours are calculated collectively. As an example, If one dancer is taking 1 one hour class, and their sibling is taking two-1 hour classes, then the family is dancing 3 hours per week, at a monthly cost of $185.00.

There is a $55 individual registration fee (once annually). Single student unlimited classes begin at 4.5 hours. Family unlimited classes begin at 8 hours. Sibling hours are combined.

These must be agreed to using our online registration system when registering for classes

Automated Payments

For summer camps, a $50 deposit is charged using the card provided at registration. DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.For summer classes, the full summer tuition is charged using the card provided at registration. (No registration fees for summer classes). TUITION IS NON-REFUNDABLE.

For 2019-20 classes, when a child registers the $55 student registration fee is automatically charged upon registration. (This is a ONCE annual fee). Tuition auto draft will begin Sept 2nd and will be drafted EACH month Sept-May. If the school year has already begun, the current month tuition will be prorated and charged as well. DEPOSITS/TUITION is NON-REFUNDABLE.

TUITION balances will be billed automatically using the card on file on the 2nd of each month. If another payment method is preferred, balances must be paid using another method before the 2nd or else the card on file will be charged.

All accounts will receive an emailed receipt after any charges are made.

Monthly tuition is never pro-rated but determined from an average of entire classes from Sept-May. Fees and/or tuition are NOT refunded. Tuition will be AUTO DRAFTED on the 2nd of each month using the card provided at registration. Should a parent wish to use another method for payment, they are welcome to do so but payment MUST BE MADE before the 2nd to avoid the auto draft. (NO EXCEPTIONS). Tuition and/or registration fees cannot be refunded. Failure to make payment by the 8th (or update credit cards) will result in a $15 late fee.

A $25 fee is assessed for any and all returned checks.

Physical Activity Assumption of Risk

I understand that participation in any instructional and/or recreational activities at Greater Austin Dance Academy is voluntary, and that all Programs and the use of the related facilities and equipment therein carries some physical risk.

I understand that if I or my minor child is injured or our property is damaged while participating in the Programs, that the injury or loss will not be covered or reimbursable by Greater Austin Dance Academy.

I agree to assume the risk of any and all illness or injury (minor, serious or catastrophic in nature, including claims and suits at law or in equity for any injury, fatal or otherwise) or damage (to person or property) resulting from my/our minor child’s participation in all Programs, including the use of the facilities and/or equipment associated with the Program (“Damages”).

I hereby waive all claims, on behalf of myself/ourselves and claims by my/our minor child (including claims which may be brought after attaining majority), now or in the future, for any such Damages and do hereby release and discharge Greater Austin Dance Academy and its respective officers, directors, instructors, agents, employees and assigns from any and all liability for any such Damages.

I assume full responsibility for all liability in connection with such Damages, and agree to indemnify Greater Austin Dance Academy
against any and all such claims and related costs, including claims by my/our minor child that may be brought after attaining majority.

I certify that the participant is in good health and that he/she has no physical limitations which would preclude him/her from the safe use of the facilities and equipment related to the Programs offered by Greater Austin Dance Academy and that I/we have sufficient health, accident and liability insurance to cover any Damages that may result as a result of my/our child participating in the Programs, and if I/we have no such insurance, I/we certify that I/we am/are capable of personally paying for any and all such Damages.

Medical Emergencies

I fully understand that Greater Austin Dance Academy’s instructors, agents and employees (“GADA Staff”) are not physicians or medical practitioners of any kind. With the above in mind, I/we hereby release and grant permission to the GADA Staff to render temporary first aid to my/our child in the event of any injury or illness, and if deemed necessary by the GADA Staff to call a doctor to seek medical help, including transportation by an GADA Staff member, whether paid or volunteer, to any health care facility or hospital, or the calling of an ambulance for said child should the GADA Staff deem this to be necessary.

Payment Policies

I understand that monthly tuition is never pro-rated but determined from an average of entire classes from Sept-May (32 weeks of classes, a week of stage rehearsals, a weekend performance, costume and recital fees are all averaged into the monthly tuition amounts. The only thing tuition does NOT cover is recital TICKETS. Recital tickets must be purchased at $10/ticket. However, in exchange EVERY student receives access to a digital download of ALL recital performances.). I realize fees and/or tuition is NOT refunded, and that it must be paid by the 8th of a month to avoid a $15 late fee (NO EXCEPTIONS). Tuition and/or registration fees cannot be refunded. SHOULD A LAST MINUTE CANCELLATION OCCUR, fees can be credited towards current session of classes ONLY. (For example, a cancelled camp fee can be credited to any other summer class or camp, but not towards fall classes.)

I understand that ALL accounts are automatically enrolled in AUTOPAY on the billing tab, in which case any balance on my account will automatically be charged to the card on file on the SECOND of each month (or for summer camps, one week before camp start date). If I do not wish to have my account paid with the card on file, it is my responsibility to make my payments BEFORE the second using another method (cash, check, etc)

I understand a $25 fee is assessed for any and all returned checks.

Observation Policy

I understand the opening of blinds is at teacher discretion EXCEPT the last week of each month. During the last week of the month, all blinds/windows will be open for viewing. When blinds are closed, parents can always check the tv monitor in the lobby for class activity.

I also understand I MUST obtain permission form the faculty or director to take ANY PHOTOS or VIDEO during a class. PLEASE DO NOT hold any cameras/phones to the viewing windows without prior consent

Code of Conduct / Social Media Policy

Greater Austin Dance Academy is dedicated to providing quality dance instruction in a safe and nurturing environment. Any inappropriate or slanderous remarks about GADA, it’s staff members or students on any social media site will be cause for immediate dismissal from the studio. No phones or cameras are allowed to be held to studio viewing windows during class time without advance approval from the director or instructor.

  • Attitudes that are disrespectful, uncooperative, or aggressive do not have a place at GADA.
  • Students will not speak negatively about one another or the instructors.
  • Any parent/guardian or student who disrupts class or approaches a teacher, staff member, another student or parent with the intent to cause dissent or contravene the policies and procedures of GADA will be dismissed immediately.
  • Any inappropriate or slanderous remarks about GADA or it’s staff members or other students on any social media site will be cause for immediate dismissal from the studio.
  • If you have a concern or grievance you must make an appointment with the studio director, Sally Reyes, or you are welcome to send an appropriate email to discuss the issue.

Drop Policy

WRITTEN NOTICE must be given to FRONT OFFICE BY THE FIRST of the month to avoid tuition charge for the month. A drop form can also be filled out online. Tuition billed on the 2nd is NOT REFUNDABLE. Auto-drafted tuition WILL not be refunded if drop notice is received after the first of the month.

No notices are needed for summer camps or classes since they exist as independent sessions.

Dress Code

I understand my child must wear appropriate attire for the class they are registered for.

  • Age 2-3
    • Any color leotard, tights and pink ballet shoes (boys = black)
  • Age 4, 5, and 6
    • Any color leotard, tights and pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes (boys = black)
    • (ballet)  PINK TIGHTS and ANY BLACK Leotard, hair pulled up in bun, braid, etc
    • (tap) Black Tap shoes (transition to oxford tap shoes)
    • (jazz) any color leotard, shorts or leggings (tights optional), tan jazz shoes
  • Musical Theater
    • (jr) activewear and clean athletic shoes
    • (level 1) activewear and tan jazz shoes
    • (level 2) activewear and tan pedinis
    • (level 3 and 4) activewear and tan character heels
  • Hip-Hop
    • (all levels) activewear and CLEAN sneakers ONLY to be worn inside the studio
  • Contemporary/Lyrical
    • (all levels) barefoot
  • Drill Prep
    • (all levels) form fitting activewear/jazz shoes).

I understand I am responsible for necessary shoes and/or outfits needed for specific dance classes.


I understand students may not be left unsupervised in the lobby. It is my responsibility to get my child to the studio room before and after class. All children aged 7 and younger must be walked in and out of the studio by a parent.

Dancers may not be dropped off or picked up from summer camps more than 10 minutes from start time.


I understand Greater Austin Dance Academy operates on a September-May calendar, beginning with the first day of classes following Labor Day each fall. The academy then operates on a 32 week session of classes – taking weeks off for thanksgiving, holiday break, and spring break. After the 32 weeks of classes, there is a week designated for stage rehearsals and then final performances wrap up the session with the spring recital (usually the weekend before memorial weekend, though exact dates are confirmed each fall). The same winter break and spring break is taken as Round Rock ISD schools. While Labor Day is closed, all other single Monday holidays will still have classes. In the event of inclement weather, check the studio website or phone message for further information.  The studio usually follows RRISD weather days.  In the case of weather cancellation, students will be allowed a make-up in any same level class (tuition is never refunded nor prorated).

End of Year Performance

Greater Austin Dance Academy believes that every child deserves a chance to perform his/her hard work throughout the year. Therefore, end of year performance fees are built into the monthly tuition costs and registration fees. The academy assumes every child will partake in the end of year performance. Of course, ANY child may opt out of this end of year performance. However, the same tuition and enrollment fees will still apply regardless of participation. No portion of any monthly tuition will be refunded should a student withdraw before the end of the academic year. Should a child choose to participate in the end of year recital, and then drop, costume fees will be assessed. The only thing tuition does NOT cover is recital TICKETS. Recital tickets must be purchased at $10/ticket. However, in exchange EVERY student receives access to a digital download of ALL recital performances.).


I acknowledge that my child will be videotaped or photographed for educational, promotional, or performance purposes. (Recitals are professionally recorded each spring).

Make-up Policy

I understand my child may make-up a class if he/she is absent from Sept-February. The participant has a one month window around the absence. The make-up class must be a same-level class. Make-ups are no longer allowed after Feb 1st due to recital preparations.

2019-20 Tuition Table - vertical

Hours per WeekCost/Month
30-45 Minutes$70.00
1 Hour$76.00
1.5 Hours$107.00
2 Hours$135.00
2.5 Hours$164.00
3 Hours$190.00
3.5 Hours$216.00
4 Hours$240.00
4.5 Hours
*single student max
5 Hours
5.5 Hours$310.00
6 Hours$330.00
6.5 Hours$350.00
7 Hours$383.00
7.5 Hours$393.00
8 Hours
*family max rate
There is a $55 individual registration fee. Single student rates become unlimited at 4.5 hours of classes per week. Family rates become unlimited at 8 hours. Sibling hours are combined. (Tuition rates are broken down to the quarter hour. Please call/email front desk for quarter hour tuition rates). See the Tuition & Policies page for more details.