We get lots of questions about how our summer programs work and what is recommended for dancers. Our answer is simple...



Summer is where we get to lean into the fun! That’s why we pick catchy themes and offer lots of choices. Different kids need different things! Summer might mean taking a class your dancer has never tried. With summer classes lasting just 4 weeks, it's an easy way to try a new style of dance!

Summer might mean participating in one of our CAMPS or PRODUCTIONS! Camps are such a FUN way to combine dance with crafting, friend making, and your dancer’s favorite shows, movies, and music inspirations! Productions let kids experience the process of putting together an entire show, including everything from being cast on day one, to learning how to memorize lines, rehearse with a group, learn choreography, build sets, and of course, PERFORM for adoring moms and dads! (And this year we added a CLASSICAL BALLET production of Cinderella!)

Summer might also just mean staying with a class you already know you love! Keeping muscles engaged throughout the summer (and keeping consistency in kids) has a lot of merit, especially for our older dancers. Don't hesitate to stick with what you know and love!

Sometimes summer means taking a break. We want kids to love coming to GADA. If that means they need to take a break over the summer so they will want to come again in the fall, that’s ok too! You know your child best, but never hesitate to reach out if we can help make decisions.

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SUMMER Camp / Class Registration going on now!

(FALL) 2024-25 season registration begins - CURRENT STUDENTS May 1st

(FALL) 2024-25 season registration begins - NEW STUDENTS May 19th


Frequently Asked Questions

GADA has LOTS of choices for our youngest dancers over the summer!

The traditional choice is a weekly dance class. Does your child LOVE coming to class each week? That's great! We LOVE seeing dancers stay in class through the summer. It helps build their muscle memory and maintains consistency in their schedule. (LOTS of kids need consistency these days!). Gada takes a two week break after recital, then summer begins! If you want to continue weekly classes, simply find a class that fits your schedule! (see reverse side)

ALL DANCERS move UP to the NEXT level for summer!

(summer class ages are effective sept 1st, 2024). Then, simply select the class you want through your online portal. (Current student registration begins Feb 15th! New student registration begins March 1st!)

More Questions About Summer?

Just give us a call or email! admin@greateraustindance.com ~ 512-828-4232

A common questions we get is "what about travel?"

Can we make-up classes over the summer months? The answer is YES!
However, make-ups must take place in the SAME summer session and must be scheduled in advance.